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Zoom makes it simple to connect your meeting directly to Twitch

On Wednesday, it was announced that Zoom is making it easier to Livestream your meeting or webinar to Twitch by integrating the streaming service into its app’s native integration with the service. As soon as you have connected your Zoom and Twitch accounts, you will be able to begin broadcasting your meeting in a matter of seconds. 

Zoom claims that the feature is intended to “simplify the process of sharing content within” communities, which indicates that the company anticipates that it will be used for things like company webinars, among other things. I can think of numerous applications for this type of technology, including those who want to broadcast a live podcast, broadcast a sermon, or broadcast something as simple as a town hall meeting to a large number of people. 

It was never impossible to broadcast a Zoom meeting to Twitch in the past. You could’ve technically streamed to Twitch by entering your streaming URL and key into Zoom’s streaming service, which supports streaming to other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and would allow you to add a custom streaming service. The old method, which required installing and configuring OBS before streaming a meeting, was more complicated than the new one, which only necessitates clicking a “Live on Twitch” button and logging into the platform.

Source: WS-DD

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