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Google has updated its search criteria to prioritize helpful product reviews

For quite some time, Google has been improving the quality of the product reviews that appear in search results. Users will benefit from the updated criteria, which will be made available in a future application version. According to the company, Google Search results are now prioritized based on reviews from users who have purchased the product. Google will also prioritize in-depth product reviews that include unique information and comparisons with other products in the future. These modifications have only been made to the English-language version of the website.

Google announced the update on March 23 through its official blog. The revised criteria are intended to “ensure that reviews are written by people who have expert knowledge and first-hand experience with the products being reviewed.” Product reviews that include in-depth details about the benefits or drawbacks of the item will now be given higher priority than other reviews.

Reviews that include specifics about the product’s functions and differences from previous versions will be given higher priority under the new criteria. They should include any unique information that the manufacturer may not have provided at the time of purchase. Reviews that contain information about the product’s advantages over comparable products or the differences between similar items will be preferred over other reviews of the same product.

Furthermore, if all of the information comes from reviewers who have used the product and can describe what the product looks like physically, that review will be displayed in the search results.

As previously stated, this update is only available for users who speak the English language at this time. Google intends to expand the availability of these updates to more languages shortly.

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