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Accessories for the home in the Scandinavian style

Oyme’s home accessories are primarily aimed at those who live in Japanese or Scandinavian-style homes. Scandic Home has a distinct style defined by its use of cool colors, clean lines, and traditional Scandinavian motifs. The desire for a large body of water and open space. In the Oyme home accessories webshop, you can find various romantic home accessories. Design movement Japandi is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese styles that have emerged in recent years. Even though these two countries appear to be worlds apart on the surface, their interior design styles have a lot in common. The interplay of Japanese simplicity and rustic Scandinavian design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the home. Furniture with filigree patterns, black accents, and natural materials all contribute to the successful fusion of the two aesthetics. Check out the entire collection of home accessories available in our online store at Oyme. There is something for everyone, from mirrors to small furniture and tables to candlesticks.

oyme Japandi en Scandic Home stijl

At Oyme, you’ll find Scandinavian designers’ most beautiful bags and accessories in one place. Our bags are distinguished by their functionality and ability to stand the test of time. Additionally, this holds true for the entire collection of Scandinavian-inspired design elements, from furniture to fashion bags. In this day and age, the sought-after bags with Scandinavian designs are in greater demand. This design style is deeply rooted in the desire and ability to create user-friendly products. Scandinavian design is highly regarded in the fashion industry, particularly for fashion-related products. In part, this is due to the well-thought-out, clean lines of the invention. The bags that Oyme offers are designed and manufactured sustainably, allowing them to be used for several seasons. The bag collection is exceptional in terms of both variety and affordability. We believe that anyone can benefit from carrying a beautiful and long-lasting bag. Check out the Oyme webshop’s bag collection for more information. Bags ranging in size from large to small.

Who doesn’t enjoy the process of decorating? Home accessories are what a cool bag or a beautiful watch is to your favorite outfit: they add style and personality to your home. Bowls, art pieces, candle holders, planters, and vases (and what vases!) are all on the table in this instance. Place home accessories on the coffee table or mantelpiece to give guests a glimpse into your personal interests. Examples include abstract sculptures and playful trinkets. This will also immediately elicit a response from others. Real and fake botanical plants in frosted and metal planters and beautiful vases can be used to enhance the minimalist look of a room. Consider a terracotta vase with an organic shape if you want something with an artisanal feel. The imperfections give the piece its own unique personality. Alternatively, classic glass vases can be used. Fill them with seasonal flowers, or add interest by filling a Japandi vase with sand and shells to go with a photo of the beach to create a unique display.


Oyme’s Scandic home or Japandi interior and home accessories will transform your house into a home in no time. Which are ideally suited to your personal preferences. When you walk through the door, contemporary furnishings create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether you prefer to relax on the sofa or in the great outdoors. The Japanese way of life is characterized by an attention to detail and the belief that ‘less is more.’ These decorations include metal candlesticks, elegant wooden mirrors, and pastel-colored wall art. The use of soft colors and a minimalist interior design creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This manifests itself as a zen-like state of mind, making one’s home feel like a haven of tranquility.


Whatever style you prefer, Japandi mirrors are a must-have for decorative home accessories, regardless of how you arrange them. There is a small wall mirror above the Japandi console table in the hall, while in the living room, there is an impressively large wooden mirror. Everyone has enough space in their home for one or two round mirrors. It is advantageous to use large wall mirrors because they create a sense of depth and spaciousness in even the smallest apartments. Consider unique designs, such as a round mirror with a wood edge or a mango wood mirror, which will provide a look that is uniquely you and reflects your personal style. Visit the Oyme webshop to see the entire home furnishings and accessories collection.

Source: Oyme

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